3 Benefits of Journaling


“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart” – William Wordsworth

Journaling is like a form of therapy and it is much needed in this day and age. Society has created so many distractions within our everyday lives such as social media. We need time to just stop and reflect. A journal is the perfect way to do so. It gives us a clearer vision as to what we want, our true thoughts and helps us release our deepest emotions from the tip of a pen to the surface of a sheet of paper. Here are three benefits of journaling and prompts you can use to help you start.

1. Journaling is good for the mind

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you just dropped everything that you were doing and had a good cry and you instantly felt a bit better. Writing down your inner thoughts and feelings give you that type of feeling, without the tears. Being completely honest and vulnerable with yourself and God is the best thing you can do for yourself. It just releases all of the pent-up emotions and thoughts that you wouldn’t tell others. Journaling gives you an outlet to freely express yourself. There are days I wake up and feel off and my mind is mush but the moment I begin to write everything because clearer. My journaling has become like prayers to God. I write to him how I am feeling and what I am thinking. It is just between me and him. I leave no stone unturned. I am fully transparent. It is part of my quiet time. Away from the demands of the world. It is my time to just release my thoughts until there is nothing left. Journaling has helped me reduce stress and anxiety as I am writing down all of my worries, fears and joy. Write as if you are talking to a friend who you can tell everything to. Having a record of your writings allows you to look back and to see what has changed. It is also great because through journaling you can identify any reoccurring feelings and their sources. This will allow you to find a way to remove them and solve any issues you thought were unsolvable.

Writing down your feelings, even if it is just 2 minutes a day can help you so much.

2. Journaling helps creativity flow

A journal is personal. A great benefit of journaling is that you can do anything you want in it. There is no right or wrong way to journal. You can write a poem, ideas, paint, doodle, colour, even glue some dried flowers inside if you wanted to. It is up to you. It helps you find your creativity by you doing something different inside it each and every day. It reduces any disorder, brings clarity and allows your creativity to flow. My best ideas often come from me journaling. One thought or idea can birth something so incredible. It can also act as a document of progress. By writing or drawing consistently, you begin to improve and find a style that suits you.

3. Journaling keeps you productive

Just like the first benefit of journaling, writing down your daily tasks can give you more clarity. Keeping tabs on what you need to do makes you more productive. It keeps you focused on what is important and what you should not forget. This is especially important for those who have really busy schedules and need to keep organised. Instead of trying to keep lists in your head, write the down to prevent having a cluttered mind.

Journaling Prompts to Help You Start

  • How am I feeling today?

  • What have I learned from today?

  • What is holding me back from achieving my dreams and goals?

  • I am grateful for…

  • What is draining my energy?

  • How can I take better care of myself?

  • What am I most afraid of?

  • What do I need to do today?

I hope this gives you an insight to some of the benefits of journaling. Journaling has personally helped me with so much over the years from helping me become more socially aware to find my love for writing. If you keep a journal, comment down below in what ways it has helped you.