5 Types of Journals You Can Start in 2018


It’s the beginning of the year and a lot of people want to start something new, so why not start journaling. Not everyone likes writing about their day but with these five types of journaling you can find a method of journaling that you like and can hopefully continue.

1. Dear Diary….

A ‘Dear Diary’ journal is the most common type of journal people know about. It has daily entries about peoples’ day, their thoughts, feelings or even secrets. This style of writing does not hold back. In this journal, you are most vulnerable and true, as if you were talking to your most trusted friend. If you would like to start a diary entry, don’t let it become a burden. You don’t have to write in it every single day, there will be days when you don’t feel like it. But don’t let that stop you from picking up where you left off.

2. Gratitude / Prayer Journal

Colossians 4:2 - “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.”

A prayer or gratitude journal is my favourite type of journal to keep. In this journal, you write down a couple of things you are grateful for each day or every couple of day. Make it personal, specific and detailed. It is important that your list is not vague, this allows you to truly identify your blessing through-out the day. Also, make sure that every day, you find something different to be grateful for, each day is never the same.


Do – Today I am grateful for the opportunity I have to go to university/work as I know that not everyone has the same chance that I have.

Don’t – Today I am grateful for my job.

With every point that you write out, you can turn it into a praise of thanksgiving to God.  This works the same way for a prayer journal. Write down at least 3-4 things about your day or people that you want to focus on. Again, make it specific and personal. If you know a person is struggling with something or you might be having a hard time, write it down and pray about it. This type of journaling is amazing because you have something to look back at and see how things have changed or how your prayer has been answered.


Prayer Point: Exam Stress/Anxiety

Prayer: Dear God, I am anxious about my upcoming exams. I don’t know how to remain calm. I ask that you give me your peace.

What happened after: Dear God, I thank you for answering my prayer. I was not nervous during my exams. Thank you for being with me.

 3. Creativity Journal

In this journal, you are absolutely free to do whatever you feel like. This is a journal full of your own inspiration. You can write down your ideas, write poems, stories, creative works like drawing or painting. The list is endless. It is all up to you. Be as creative as you want.

4. Dreams, Aspiration and Goals Journal (DAG)

Keeping goals and dreams is so very important. You should never forget or lose hope in achieving them. Having a goals journal allows you to write down what you would like to do in that season of your life. You can also include how you are planning to reach these goals. This not only give you your goal but it provides clarity as to how you are going to reach it and records your progress. It motivates you to not just jot something down but to take actual steps towards making it happen. These goals can be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. It all depends on you. This type of journaling is a wonderful way of removing all fears or mental limitations that can sometimes prevent you from starting or reaching your goal. By writing down those fears or limiting beliefs, you find ways of removing and dealing with them. It is almost like a plan for success. As you are writing down your goal, how you will achieve it, what is preventing you and how you can remove those limitations. This removes obstacles from your path and helps you achieve your goal. Just like Benjamin Franklin wrote “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” So, don’t just write your goals down, but make a plan of how you will reach it.


Goal: Lose weight.

How will I achieve it? Eat clean, drink more water and exercise regularly.

Limitations: Motivation and constant cravings

How can I remove my limitations? Get a Personal Trainer and don’t by junk food. Swap junk food for more healthy options.

This is just a brief example but you can make it more detailed.

5. Mix it up

Lastly, you can mix it up. You can have anything in your journal. This can sometimes be difficult to keep things organised, but you can do whatever you like with it.

I hope that this post has encouraged you to start journaling this year. Comment down below if you have a journal and what you like using it for.