Self Love in Light of The Cross


Self,  Self Love, Selfless

Is it possible to be selfish and selfless as the same time? On the surface, not quite. But then where does self love come in? It’s often said that self love is not selfish, and I agree! Although in the same call for us to love and appreciate ourselves (wholly) we are still called to be selfless. The biblical understanding of selflessness (Galatians 2:20, Mark 8:34) is a denying of self, but note, selflessness is not self harm.

God is not saying deny yourselves of the basic needs such as love, shelter, clothing and food etc, to a point where we are neglecting yourself. No, this denying of self speaks of the desires of our sinful nature, that go against the will and true (loving) character of God. God wants to save you, not wreck you.


Journal Prompt 1. Love Yourself

-What do I like/Love about myself?

-What things light me up? Make a list of everything you love and refer to it daily!

-What things can I do/pray for, to help be become a better me today?

Make this time meditational and prayerful. Meditate on scriptures that speak life to you and ask God to reveal things, things that He made unique to you...

Ultimate Love

Jesus on the cross is an ultimate display of love. The bible says that whilst we were sinners, Christ died, so in the act of us hurting God with our choices and actions, God responds with love! How amazing is this? That He would leave Heaven, walk this earth and still love through it all, saying “not my will but God’s be done”. Knowing & believing this helps us better appreciate who WE are and who God is.


Journal Prompt 2. Love God

-What does it look like when God responds to you in love?

-What are you grateful to God for?

-What are your fave worship songs? Sing them, write out the lyrics in your journal - get creative!

-Have there been any devotional pages you wanted to read lately but perhaps never had the time? Make a date in your diary to catch up in The Word.

The Cross for All

When we value ourselves, as children of God and someone who is made uniquely by Him, we can then start to see others that light too. I try give everyone a chance to reach their God-given potential, which ultimately means I try not to judge them or withhold any light from them. Jesus Christ was so selfless, He gave up His divinity so we could spend eternity with The Divine. That is true love.


Journal Prompt 3. Love Others:

-How can you express your love for God, through other people? Maybe feed the homeless or clothe them. Remember when we extend love to these people we show love to God (Proverbs 19:17)

- How well do I communicate?

-What are 3 things my loves ones always ask of me?

Much more could be said about the love of God and how it related to us personally, but this is just the beginning, I hope, of a journey of lovey discovery. Don’t forget to journal it!