5 Red Items To Give Your Home a Pop of Colour


As February is the month of love, I am writing a post of home ware items to give your house a pop of colour. Red is mainly associated with love among many things. Not only is it a great colour but it is bright and has many symbolisms. It is the colour of strength, boldness and passion. Finding lovely home ware to compliment your home may seem difficult but finding even simple pieces and do a lot for your home. The items I have listed are some that I found to be really nice pieces to compliment your home. They can be found in store or online.

I am totally obsessed with scented candles, especially Yankee Candles. Not only does the Cherry Vanilla candle have a strong red colour to it, but it smells amazing. Its scent is sweet but not too strong. With a burning time of 75 hours, you are definitely getting your money’s worth. Even if Cherry Vanilla is not your favourite scent, Yankee has a lot of scents to choose from, the list is endless.

Throws are great accessories to put on your sofa as they add layers and when accompanied with lovely cushions they make your living room or bedroom look more put together. I chose this knitted throw from Debenhams because it is super soft and is a lovely cardinal red colour. It will be a great fit for your living room, especially in this cold weather.  

Vases are great home ware accessories as they can be placed anywhere in your home. They can be put on a windowsill in your bathroom, on your kitchen table or even in the living room. It’s a very versatile item as not only can you use it as a vase for flowers but you can also place your kitchen utensils inside it too. It is also inexpensive and great quality, adding style to your room.

Fake flowers and plants are wonderful ways to incorporate plants into your home without the hassle of watering them or cleaning after them once the petals or leaves come off.  These lovely flowers from Hobbycraft are very cheap and can be put into a lovely vase.

These pots will look so cool on a kitchen table. I really like the elephant design. Just like the colour red, the Elephant is the epitome of strength and power. I love how they are in a way intertwined into each other.

All of these items are nice and unique on their own and would look great in a home. Additionally, having great bright items give your home some extra personality and can lift your mood. The places where these items are from are some of many where you can get great house pieces. However, you can also have the option of making your own pieces by creating DIY’s or reusing old, loved items around your home.