God Speaks My Love Language


Heard of The 5 Love Languages? At the moment, my primary languages are Quality Time and Words of Affirmation. It's how I most effectively receive love from others, including God. After reading The Love Languages of God by Gary Chapman, my eyes were opened to the practicality of God's love. It occurred to me, that since He made love, He can be a loving and affectionate God too, not just authority without feelings. It describes how God has love needs that we can meet; yes, He delights in our worship, but why? Because He's a God of Quality Time, and more.  

Below are some journal prompts to help you in your discovery of giving and receiving love from others, including God.

My Love Languages & Journal Prompts

Quality Time (9): [Gen 3:8; Lev 26:11,12; Ex 25:8; John 1:14]

  • I love spending time with ______

  • ______ might appreciate my time today

  • I impressed to visit _______

Physical Touch (6): [Luke 8:45; Matt 17:7; Luke 5:13]

People often say “God touched me” when referring to an experience. It happened in bible times and it can happen today. With one another, a hug, a pat on the back, holding hands, or a powerful word can all be physical expressions of pure love.

Words of Affirmation (6): [1 John 4:20; Prov 18:21; Prov 15;1; Ps 119:105; John 16:33]

  • Are your words/prayers for good or evil?

  • I feel affirmed when “______________ “ is said to me.

  • I will affirm ______ by __________ today.

Acts of Service (5): [John 13:1-17; Matt 25:35-40*; Neh 9:15; Ex 16:4; Mark 2:27]

What acts of service can you do today or tomorrow? What acts do you see God doing in your life?

Receiving Gifts (4): [Gen 2:3-5; Mal 3:10; Heb 13:16; Luke 6:38; Matt 7:11; John 14:27]

  • God has given me______

  • I’d love to gift_____ to _____

  • God deserves my _________