5 Yellow Items for Spring Décor

As the snow finally melts to give way to the bright glow of spring, it’s time to redecorate your home and make it ready for the new season. After soaking in the lonely colours of white and grey, bring in something fresh and vibrant – like the cheery colour of yellow – which will help reinforce a positive, happy mood. Yellow is a powerful energy-booster; it illuminates dark rooms and creates a feeling of excitement. Think about the sun, the sparkling stars, the bright sunflowers. Even the Bible pays attention to this colour; the symbolic shade of gold is a reminder of God’s glory shining all about.

Having yellow in your home invites a sense of joy, optimism, and enthusiasm. Nurture these virtues by redecorating your space. Wondering where to begin? Here are some yellow items that will perfectly fit your spring décor!

Make your own wonder wall! If home has become to hum-drum, thanks to that untouched corner, it’s time to perk things up and bring colour back into your life! Grab your paint brush and choose a lemony streak – it’s a crisp, youthful tone that makes you more awake and mentally alert. If you don’t want something too strong, go for canary yellow or lemon chiffon; these softer varieties give off the feeling of spring without too much vibrancy. Once the paint is dry, decorate this wall with a gallery of your favourite pictures framed in black. If decorating a baby’s room, how about adding a Spring-time decal?

A yellow couch for the catch. Looking for a nice, surprising pop of colour in your living room? How about an eye-catching couch in bold, yellow colour? For this item, we recommend a golden palette – something as merry as dandelion or as trendy as mustard. Make it the focal point of the space; surround it with muted or neutral tones or go eclectic by mixing and matching it with other bright spring colours like lime green and pastel blue.


How about a yellow side table in your working space, or a favourite nook? A lovely splash of buttery hue – or a more vivid honey – can turn those dreary nooks into dazzling spaces! Turn to yellow to get your daily dose of joy as you proceed to your work. This smile-inducing colour can drive those Monday blues away! To balance off the strong hue, decorate it with lighter tones – indulge in cream and white ceramics and stationeries for a retro look.

Invite the sunshine in your bedroom. Switch up those heavy, wintry sheets into a lovely tone of pineapple (alternatively, choose this as a pattern), corn or blonde. Wake up with a cheerful feeling being wrapped up with these vivid-shaded sheets. If you want something more regal – like the sparkling colour of gold – we recommend throwing Tehilla from our Addereth Collection! The sparkly sequins gleam under the light and the beautiful patterns – wrought after the shapes of trumpets of praise – adds a glamorous touch to any room. 


Light it up with a lamp. Produce the radiant shade of yellow with our ochre-coloured lamp made from Himalayan Salt. It’s a true symbol of being Salt and Light (Matt. 5:13-14), as Jesus reminded us to be. The Salt & Light Lamp, other than bringing you enough illumination you need, helps purify the air, reduce electromagnetic radiation (especially for the gadget lovers) and promotes better sleep. It’s a light with a purpose – what’s not to like?

Whatever shade of yellow you prefer, Spring is the best time to enjoy this colour! Start giving a much-needed interior makeover and invite the spirt of joy, light and enthusiasm into your home!