Pastel Items For A Spring Interior

Pastel Colours are becoming a trend once again. They are becoming very popular, especially within the minimalist community. Pastel shades give each room a soft and fresh feel without the vivid pop of bright and intense colours. These light shades are often seen as calming and once paired with the right textures and décor can give your home a simple and elegant look.


This footstool is a beautiful light pastel shade of blue. It is 100% cotton and looks totally comfortable. Most poufes are very expensive and those which are not no great quality. I found this one from HOMESCAPES for under £30 which is an absolute bargain as it was half price. Footstools are not that common in some households, however, are a multi-functional piece of furniture as they can be used as coffee tables, as storage for books or a leg rest.


Brass trimmed homeware pieces have been popping up over the past couple of years. The brass and different colour has become very appealing when decorating a home. You can find or put a brass coating on almost anything from TV stands to drawers and now even vases.  They just add character to the furniture and accessory. This vase I found from Matalan is a soft pastel pink with a brass trim. It would look amazing with a tea light candle in side or small plants. Something to keep in mind with having items which are brass would be that it sometimes rusts. However, a little lemon and sugar will do the trick.


Everyone loves a great throw and they are the easiest accessory to turn any room into a cosy haven. This one from Matalan and is super affordable, but you can find other throws available in any homeware store or large supermarket. Throws look great on anything and can add style to anything, one a chair, at the end of your bed, across chairs and most importantly as a blanket. They come in various colours, patterns and you can change it up. That is the best thing about throws is that they add texture and layers to a room and can be used all year round.



Canvas bins are so beneficial and a creative way to store your belongings, especially for those who live in apartments or need more storage. There are various places where canvas storage boxes can go. From underneath a coffee table or under a bed, to in a bathroom cupboard under a sink. Just like other storage accessories, canvas boxes are multi-faceted and so functional.



Concrete plant pots are very popular especially on DIY blogs, however, not everyone has time to make concrete pots and they can definitely be hard to make by yourself.  Succulents are small enough and great to plant them. If you would like to try and make here is the link to make different concrete pots.