A Creative Christian Testimony: Destiny Malcom

The Foundation

So, I began attending church, singing, and writing my own songs from the age of 8/9. At 15 I began touring the Midlands with my groups and doing concerts with the worship team, it was amazing! I definitely knew I loved Jesus, understood what He did for me, and had this overwhelming sense of worship for Him. I was on fire for Christ and got baptised at 16.  

After school I had no desire for university, but  had a passion to learn more about my faith, which is where PEACE (School of Evangelism) came into play. I spent 4 months away from home learning about my faith and sharing it. It was powerful.

After this foundational experience, I decided to go to uni, which is where it all started to change! The cares of pre adulting hit me and I became aware that new priorities were sinking in. Nothing like the priorities I had as a 16 year old!

University - Where It All Changed

However, during uni my faith really started to become my own. Yes, PEACE was a powerful experience but there was something uni that set my soul ablaze, again. In my 3rd and final year, I really had to reply upon God's promises to keep me. The pressures of life are a respecter of no man, and I felt stuck in the midst of assignments, finances, distance and health, all at the same time! Not to mention the constant anxiety of 'what am I going to do next' syndrome!

During this time, I saw that God is a loving, caring Father, and  found hope in promises that tell me; “YOU ARE MY CHILD”, “I KNOW YOUR FUTURE & IT'S BRIGHT” and “I AM BIGGER THAN ANY MOUNTAIN YOU FACE”. When I needed God, I knew where to find Him, and He was found! That’s the Gospel!

God Speaks!

I used those promises as daily affirmations to get me through that period. Since then, I've had this dependence on The Bible to really speak to me in all my situations. I experience God’s love in the simplest of ways each day, by communicating with Him through prayer, worship and reading.

That's how I'm encountering Jesus these days, and I encourage you to try it too! Have a read of one of our previous posts titled "God Speaks My Love Language" where you can find journal prompts for opening that two-way conversation.

You won’t regret it!