5 Love Themed Wallpapers You Need to Download for Your Phone

People all over the world are celebrating the month of February with the best theme in mind: love. It is in the air – in the songs played in the radio, the decorative elements in your favourite café, the chick flicks shown on your cable channel. Valentine’s Day has turned our heads around and everyone is gearing up for their secret surprise. Why, there are chocolates to buy, bouquets to give, even cards to write! It is the perfect season to give, with the perfect reason to go all out. After all, love is every human's true north.

But there's this kind of love that goes past beyond our hemisphere. A love that existed longer than light years. A love that called the stars by their name, that blew breath in the dust, that formed us from our mother's womb and mapped us and our journey with grace and abundance. It is the love that calms the seas in our hearts and washes away the dirt of our yesteryears. It is the love of God; a love that shines like a lighthouse in the middle of the dark, and leads us home.

This Valentine’s, let us celebrate the truest, realest kind of love, and may these five wallpapers help remind you of it!

Your Love Never Fails

His love is the promise of endurance. A promise of eternity. God’s love is the same, from the time of the old, to the maze of the new. It is the love that will bind you, that will pursue you, that will keep you and never let go of you. Let us give thanks, for His is a love that never fails!

This retro pink typographical wonder captures a famous line from Psalms and is available for iPhone 6/6s variants.

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Rose of Sharon

A familiar refrain in Song of Solomon – the Bible’s romantic sonnet for lovers – Rose of Sharon depicts the bride, taking her time, waiting for love to come in full bloom. It will come for you too, and this gorgeously-set graphics will inspire you to hold on and hold out for love.

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Worth More Than Diamonds

What’s better than a diamond ring? God’s love. It is a treasure you will want to keep, held close to your heart. It is a gem that is worth more than all the riches in the world combined, for with it you have life, joy and peace, and those will never run out.

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Walk in Love

“Let all that you do be done in love,” Paul reminds in 1 Corinthians 16:14, and this we are tasked to do. In breathing, moving, giving and even rebuking – may all these things be an act of love, showcasing God’s mercy in all of us. This charming wallpaper is available for iPhone 6/6s and Samsung Galaxy S5.

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Cross = Love

The grandest gesture of love was done on a cross. “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” – John 15:13. Celebrate the Love Incarnate, offering Himself as our Redemption, and the fact that we can no enjoy the fullness of His providence, and the promise of eternal life. This minimalist wallpaper will suit most phones and is a perfect gift for a loved one as well.

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There you go, five lovely wallpapers to celebrate the season of love. Fill your February with reminders of God’s agape, and let the river of kindness, mercy, gratitude and joy flow from your heart to another’s.