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God Speaks My Love Language

Heard of The 5 Love Languages? At the moment, my primary languages are Quality Time and Words of Affirmation. It's how I most effectively receive love from others, including God. After reading The Love Languages of God by Gary Chapman, my eyes were opened to the practicality of God's love. It occurred to me, that since He made love, He can be a loving and affectionate God too, not just authority without feelings. It describes how God has love needs that we can meet; yes, He delights in our worship, but why? Because He's a God of Quality Time, and more.  

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Self Love in Light of The Cross

Self,  Self Love, Selfless

Is it possible to be selfish and selfless as the same time? On the surface, not quite. But then where does self love come in? It’s often said that self love is not selfish, and I agree! Although in the same call for us to love and appreciate ourselves (wholly) we are still called to be selfless. The biblical understanding of selflessness (Galatians 2:20, Mark 8:34) is a denying of self, but note, selflessness is not self harm.

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7 Beautiful Truths About the Love of God

This February – the month of love – as windows get decorated with paper cut hearts and pink ribbons, when chocolate-giving is in earnest, it’s just right that we turn our thoughts toward the Greatest Valentine of all: the One Who Chased After Your Heart, Never Broke His Promises, and Kept Your Name in the Palm of His Hands. And to remind you of His great love for you, here are seven truths in line with seven verses. If you’re running out of stock, or you think that human emotions are fleeting, you can be assured that His is yours forever.

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