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3 Benefits of Journaling

Journaling is like a form of therapy and it is much needed in this day and age. Society has created so many distractions within our everyday lives such as social media. We need time to just stop and reflect. A journal is the perfect way to do so. It gives us a clearer vision as to what we want, our true thoughts and helps us release our deepest emotions from the tip of a pen to the surface of a sheet of paper. Here are three benefits of journaling and prompts you can use to help you start...

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3 Creative Christian Notebooks You Need This Year

2018 has arrived at the blasting of trumpets – or more so, in the gilding of fireworks in the night sky, and the shouts of thrill and cheer of your favourite people as the clock strikes twelve. Here we go: another chance to chase after goals, to make up for the loss, to begin again. There’s hope in your hearts and fire in your eyes as you anticipate; surely, God’s miracles are about to work their way into your life. When will they happen? You don’t know yet.

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