Top Interior Design Trends Coming for You This 2018


The new year arrives with new trends, and for the Creative Christian, you’d want to reinvent your favourite corners into modern spaces that match the demands of today. It’s time to leave yesterday’s garb behind and start afresh with new eyes – and interior design – that will keep your space on trend this 2018. Your home, after all, is your sanctuary. But, hold it; there’s no need for a complete overhaul! Just a few touches will change the overall look of your rooms, and if you’re looking for ways to begin, follow these tips below!

  • Start turning to navy and milky whites. Pantone's Colour of the Year, Ultra Violet, blends well with the hue of the night sky. But a dash of adds a little sparkle to the thoughtful, moody palette. Match your dark-coloured couches and deep purple linens with something bright and unexpected, like this comfy throw from the Addereth Collection. Ca'ad is a neutral-coloured blanket inspired by the verse Psalm 119:117, reminding you that the Lord will be your Comfort, Support, and Sustenance. It's the perfect piece to wrap yourself into during those long winter nights, making you feel safe, secure and at peace in God's loving arms.

  • Green is still in. Bring nature indoors; this fashion trend never goes out of style, or out of want. Instead of choosing bouquets for gifts, why not have potted plants, instead? Succulents are beautiful desktop companions. Ferns offer a decorative trim on your window-sill. Select colourful planters and hang them on the wall, or create a lush garden in the corner of your room. More than its pretty, lively colour, plants absorb those nasty CO2 and exhales fresh oxygen for you. Nothing is as beautiful – and useful – as God’s own creations.

  • Chintzes are making a comeback. The updated version of English country pushes down industrial chic in the list of home design options. Florals are cosy, bright prints that bring life to any home; they match well with neutrals, pastels and muted colours. For a curated look, complement a chintz design over traditional brown furniture and antiques!

  • Handmade pieces will dominate 2018’s home decor. Sculptural ceramics in matte glazes shine against the brightly coloured rooms, thanks to their smooth texture. Little saucers and embellished plates with scribbles are nothing less than eye-catching. Hot tip: prop them up in DIY shelves or make them center-table mainstays to hold your tiny knick-knacks.

  • Tiny details play a great role. Tassels, fringes, small ornaments or intricate patterns make a huge difference to interior design. Just changing throw pillow covers transform the overall look of the space! At best, use minimalist colours as your base design and get adventurous with the decor you choose – lighting, throws, and art. To get you inspired through the day, we recommend adding inspirational prints and posters; use these words as motivation for you and your family this 2018.

Start fresh; redesign your space in small but powerful ways. This will help transform your home and living into a more positively empowered year. But most of all, fill your nest with songs, hopes and prayers – a Spirit-filled atmosphere is your home’s best ornament.