I'm having trouble opening my ZIP file on my phone

iOS/Android devices

If you are using an iOS device (iPad/iPhone) your ZIP file should automatically open in the email without using any third party app. Once it has opened you will be able to view your files. 

To save your PNG/JPEG photo:

  • Tap and hold the photo
  • Tap save
  • Your photo will then appear in your camera roll

If you are using an android device One method is using a free file manager app called “ES File Explorer.” Search for this app in the Play Store and install it.

To open your ZIP file, use the menu on the left to navigate to the folder containing the ZIP file and tap the file.

The “Select” dialog box will display allowing you to select an app to use to open the ZIP file. Tap “ES Zip Viewer.”

NOTE: If you want to use this app as the default viewer for ZIP files, select the “Set as the default app” check box.

The “Compression Manager” window will open in the “ES File Explorer” and will display the files in the ZIP file. Tap and hold on the files you want to extract from the ZIP file until it is checked. If you want to extract all the files, tap the check box button in the upper-right corner of the app window.

To extract the selected files, tap “Extract” at the bottom of the screen.

The “Extract selected files to” dialog box displays.

Select the first option to create a folder named the same as the ZIP file in the same folder as the ZIP file. The extracted files will be placed in this folder. The “Current path” option extracts the files to the same folder as the original ZIP file. If you want to choose a different path, select the “Choose path” option.

The extracted files are now accessible and you can open them on your device.