The EL Calendar 2017

The EL Calendar 2017

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Meditate on the names of God with our 'EL Calendar' for 2017.

A new name for every new month of the year. Each page reveals a different Hebrew name of our God to meditate upon each month and be blessed. Our calendars consists of 13 pages including 12 full colour 170gsm silk pages, one for each month of course, with 1 full colour 350gsm silk front cover.

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January: EL OLAM (The everlasting God)

February: EL GIBBOR (The mighty God)

March: EL HASHAMAYIM (The God of the Heavens)

April: EL RACHUM (The God of compassion)

May: EL DE'OT (The God of knowledge)

June: EL ROI (The God who sees me)

July: EL ELYON (The most high God)

August: EL QANNA (The jealous God)

September: ELOHIM (God the creator)

October: EL Shaddai (God almighty)

November: EL EMET (The God of truth)

December: IMMANUEL (God with us)

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